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Clockwise from top left corner:

Maygan Cline, Geologist, Arete Team Leader: Santa Barbara, CA

Maygan: We need our running squad because this lady community is just the best! Running together makes the miles fly by and creates a drama-free space where we can talk/sort through together all the challenges life throws our way.

Stephanie Gallinetti, Flight Attendant, Arete Chapter Leader: San Francisco Peninsula, CA

Steph: My favorite Arete memory so far was for sure CIM! Running the third leg of the relay was so awesome—especially seeing so many Arete runners along side me AND cheering. along the race course! It truly was an amazing site and so much fun to have so many teammates from everywhere at one race

Teresa Hopkins, Physical Therapist, Arete Chapter Leader: Oakland/East Bay, CA

Teresa: We need our running squad because it provides a space for women to empower one another to show up for themselves, chase goals and have FUN while they do it. 

Aisha Kamala, Clinical Social Worker, Arete Team Leader: Chico, CA

Aisha: We need our running squad because it helps to get out of bed knowing there is someone waiting for you! The social media is also inspiring and keeps us accountable.

Tamara Torlakson, Strategic Event Planner, Arete Chapter Leader: Sacramento, CA

Tamara: Best Arete memory so far…being amazed at all the awesome runners that came out of the woodwork to join the Sacramento chapter, showing that there is a desire for this type of running team in the community!

Mary Maleta-Wright, Arete Director & Co-Founder, Arete Chapter Leader: Santa Cruz, CA

Mary: Leading is my jam because I love empowering women to remind them that they’re stronger and more capable than they realize.





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