Do I have to be a fast runner to join?

We welcome many levels of runners. As a base, we ask that all participants be able to run six consecutive miles. We have created this entry level not as a barrier, but because we don’t want anyone to feel left behind. You do not have to be “fast” but have some experience with running.

If we join the team, do we have to race?

Not necessarily, but we highly encourage you to! Part of the fun of being on the team is testing yourself in a race setting and being part of something bigger than yourself. If you’re not already, once get in the rhythm, you’ll be excited to toe the line. Plus, with a huge group of smiling, cheering Arete fan girls, how could you not want to?!

Do I have to be able to come to all or most of the “practice” dates/times?

This is completely up to you. All members are free to come as they please based on their personal schedule of work, family, life, etc. To make improvements in your running and to feel a part of this group we encourage you to attend as much as your life allows.

What should I bring/wear to the meet ups?

For the Wednesday track work outs, it’s best if you have a watch. It doesn’t need to be an expensive GPS watch, just basic start and stop capabilities. This will be helpful for you to know/learn your pace and be beneficial for your workouts.

I don’t live in Santa Cruz, but I want to join. Help!

Awesome! We currently have a new chapters opening with other chapters in the works. More details will be posted on the membership page. We also welcome applications for new Arete chapters. Fill out this form to apply to become a volunteer co-leader in a city near you.

Is there a time I have to reach to be on the team?

We are excited to launch Arete and love all the interest so far! In order to provide proper attention for members, at this time we are limiting our membership in order to maintain a quality experience for Arete members.

Below is a list of time standards for Arete Racing Team. All three levels are Arete team members, but the levels may give you an approximate training group for practices and races. The times aren’t meant to be exclusive but to maintain our mission to establish an intermediate and advanced women’s running team. We hope to bring on more levels as the team grows.


Distance Times
1 mile 9:00
5K 29:00
10K 60:00
Half 2:15
Full 4:45


distance 20+ 40+ 50+ 60+ 70+
1 mile 7:00 07:20.0 08:00.0 08:30.0 09:30.0
5K 24:20 24:40.0 27:00.0 30:00.0 34:00.0
10K 50:30 51:40.0 55:45.0 1:03:00.0 1:15:33
Half 1:48 1:52:00 2:00:00 2:20:00 2:40:00
Full 3:45 4:00:00 4:15:00 4:45:00 5:00:00


distance time
1 mile 6:00
5K 18:45
10K 39:00
Half 1:27
Full 3:10

Do we do anything else besides run?

You bet! We love to run, but we also like the whole experience! In terms of fitness, we’ll offer brief runner specific drills and core work at practices. We are happy to welcome those of you with expertise in different areas (e.g. nutrition, physiology) to share your knowledge in seminar formats. On the non-fitness end of things, we look forward to team social events like quarterly dinners, race meet-ups, and other ways to have fun and support each other. While none of these are mandatory, with such an awesome group of women, we’ll bet you’ll want to pop in from time to time!

How can I get in touch with you?

We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to email us at mary@runarete.com.

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