Why Arete?

This all women’s intermediate and advanced running team is fast with a side of fun. We are an environment that welcomes authenticity, grit, sweat, and fun. We believe that when women come together to support each other, they will get the most out of their running and their lives. We started Arete because we believe that running strong and joyfully is one of the best parts of life, and we know that women who share these values and goals exist in every city town across the country.

If you are wondering if it’s a good fit, we recommend you can run 6 miles without stopping– not to exclude anyone but to foster a space where no one is left behind and everyone feels encouraged. We also encourage you to start your own chapter or join our Remote team if an Arete team doesn’t already exist near you.

We understand that our lives are busy and your schedule may not always allow you to make every workout.

We look forward to gathering Arete groups from all over to race together, explore new trails, and meet people you may not have normally crossed paths with.

We all have a passion for this movement, for self-improvement, for being a part of something bigger than ourselves. There is something very special about a team.Follow us on social media:


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