Get to Know Your Squad: Katie Freed, East Bay

We pride ourselves in creating a diverse network of female runners of various paces, intentions, and backgrounds. Get to know teammate from our newest Arete Oakland team with a few quick takes.

Welcome, Katie! We’re happy to share miles with you this year.

1. Name: Katie Freed

2. I’m originally from New Hampshire but have been living in Philly for the past 10 years. Just moved to Alameda in May!

3. I began running XC in Jr. High over 20 years ago, basically to be with my friends. I began running marathons after high school since my college didn’t have a track or XC team.

4. As I am brand new to the area, I joined Arete in hopes of finding some running buddies to train with as well as some friends to laugh with. I am a stay-at-home-parent to my twin 3 year old boys. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to hanging out with adults! Also looking forward to learning more about the East Bay (running-related or otherwise) through this group.

5. The best part about East Bay Running is the WEATHER! I am SO over training for marathons in the winter and/or the east coast humidity. I’m never going back! I also appreciate the waves and smiles while passing other runners – hard to come by in the northeast!

6. This is a photo of me at the finish line of the Big Sur Marathon this past April. Ran this bucket list marathon literally the first weekend we moved out here. Most challenging/rewarding/grueling marathon experience to date!


Learn more about your teammates in the Santa Cruz, East Bay/Oakland, Chico, and Santa Barbara areas by becoming a member. New chapter meet-ups start July 1st. Learn more!

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