An Ode to the Girls

October 11 is International Day of the Girl: a day that celebrates girls and their quest to reach their full potential, explore their leadership and enjoy full human rights.


By Mary Wright

Arete Co-Fouder & Director


It took me thirty years to finally step into

my athletic and career potential.

It’s not that I lacked the talent, education, or work ethic.
I was an honor student at one of the top universities in the world.
I had athletic gifts from a young age.
It’s that I lacked confidence.
Does this sound familiar?
Too much fearing, striving for perfection, hesitating, abiding, smiling, & apologizing.
I did what was safe and comfortable.
When I finally grew tired of not living up to my potential,
I started taking action.
More deciding, more failing, more learning.
Taking the next right step.
Women who believed in this. Believed in me.
The feelings mutual.
On this International Day of the Girl
To the girls:
Don’t wait thirty years
May you take risks now,
Make mistakes.
Fail & persevere.
Make the choice to try and to act.
When you succeed, you aren’t lucky. You earned it.
Find your confidence & build it.
Surround yourself with women who believe in you
When your confidence waivers.
Believe in her, too, and let her know.
To the women:
It’s not too late.
To find your confidence.
To follow your curiosity
To dream, plan, and act.
Make the decision that you are enough
And that now is the right time.
Speak your worth
And let all the little girls know
Because she’s watching you
On this International Day of the Girl.

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