Elyse Garza: Let Yourself In

This is part of the Arete Community Series leading up to our 2018 team launch.

We will be featuring Arete members from various chapters on the blog and social media in the next two weeks. Our teammates join us for various reasons: to chase personal best times, reignite their passion for running, or to lean into the challenge and satisfaction of racing. Although each of us show up for Arete for real life running community connection, each running story is different, authentic and inspiring.

In our lead up to announcing our 2018 chapter launch locations and dates, may these stories of our teammates inspire and excite us in our running and beyond.

Elyse, Flight Attendant and new Arete Sacramento team member, discovered running a few years back and is hooked. Because of the nature her career, she spent many miles running alone and craved the real life connection and accountability of a team. After researching Arete Sacramento,, she knew she had to be a part of the team energy, so she asked immediately how she could join. Catching up with Elyse reminds us that if we want something, let yourself in!

Elyse after the Urban Cow Half marathon where she ran a 5 minute personal best & raced in the Arete singlet for the first time.

Who are you and who is your background with running?

My name is Elyse and I am 30 years old. I was a year round 3-sport athlete growing up and after graduating from Sonoma State University (Go Seawolves!) and becoming lost at how I could stay in shape besides going to a gym, which to me was boring and post-degree kind of expensive, I started a new job that had offered CrossFit classes. I decided to give it a go and that led me to realizing the running sprints/laps was my favorite part of each session. So, I decided to sign up for my 1st Half Marathon in April of 2014 — ran a sub 1:50 — and the rest is history!!! I’ve been obsessed and running multiple races each year since then.

Although I travel for work as a Flight Attendant, based out of SFO International Airport, I find time to train, run, & eat clean each step of the way. I love staying busy, following a schedule, and the demand for getting hard work done — being a fit while flying person allows me to stay disciplined for each.

Why did you join team Arete?
I am part of a huge runners community on Instagram (@milestomedals) and after some research I found out that the team I had been seeing in other areas was finally coming to Sacramento! I was ecstatic and immediately talked it over with those closest to me. I knew it was exactly what I needed to do — be apart of a team once again and be able to run with experienced runners to better myself as well.

How has being a part of this team impacted your relationship with running?
Running with my new teammates has impacted how I see myself, how I feel about the sport, and how thankful I am that my body allows me to do it daily. I love the idea of having ladies in my inner training circle who are STRONG, INTELLIGENT, & INSPIRING, and although I am only able to complete my long runs with them (as I travel the other days,) I have already found how much fun it is to have others to chat the time away while getting miles logged.

What is your best Arete memory so far?
Hands down it has been experiencing the Urban Cow Half Marathon in October. I warmed up with some of the team and after feeling inspired, I believe it was one of the things that led me to a 5+ minute PR of 1:34:20!!! While I ran, I would see the other ladies in our ARETE Rabbit jersey tank tops and each time I did, I felt a special burst of energy that would push me through the next mile.

I was also able to run alongside Erin, who I knew previously and as soon as the race ended I told her all about our team. I’m happy to say she has joined and we are now teammates!

Overall, being able to experience the feeling of having others around to celebrate a race ran (no matter the outcome) is the best — it’s sincere support, and just plain awesome! I can’t wait to meet and experience CIM as so many of us (from all chapters) join together for one common love — running.


Find out this Thursday, October 26 how you can join Arete Sacramento or an Arete chapter near you for the chance to share miles with many awesome women.

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