Meg Gudgeirsson: Part of Something Bigger

This is part of the Arete Community Series leading up to our 2018 team launch.

We will be featuring Arete members from various chapters on the blog and social media in the next two weeks. Our teammates join us for various reasons: to chase personal best times, reignite their passion for running, or to lean into the challenge and satisfaction of racing. Although each of us show up for Arete for real life running community connection, each running story is different, authentic and inspiring.

In our lead up to announcing our 2018 chapter launch locations and dates, may these stories of our teammates inspire and excite us in our running and beyond.

On her way to a strong 2017 Santa Rosa Marathon finish.

Meg, Professor, Mom to daughter “Mini Keg” and Arete Oakland/East Bay member from day one, brings so much dedication and energy to her Arete East Bay team. Meg’s story and commitment reminds us what we strive to build every day with Arete: a network of women who not only pursue their running goals together, but also join together to support each other in running and beyond.

Who are you and what is your running background?

Meg! I’ve been running for about 10 years and ran my first race back in 2008. I was the person who swore she would never run a mile let alone marathons. But since I started running it has become a part of not just my life, but my identity and my sanity.

Why did you join team Arete?

I moved to Santa Cruz in 2009 and after a couple years finding it difficult to make friends outside of my graduate class, I joined a running team. That provided me with some of my closest friends. When I moved again to Alameda, I again felt at a loss for community and friendship, especially after learning about a new running club in Santa Cruz created by some women who I look up to and am inspired by. So when I heard that club, Arete, was creating an Oakland chapter I knew I had to join! Before I joined I had made one great running friend in Alameda and I didn’t even ask if she wanted to join, I just told her we were doing this. Outside of friendship, I find running teams provide accountability and strength – especially when we are low on that by ourselves. And Arete definitely does this. Every run we have together I am inspired by my teammates as they go faster and further than they did the previous week. My favorite memories in our short history have not just been the runs themselves, but when we cheer for teammates or hang out in our non-running clothes. We have become friends who text about work, kids, life and meet up for drinks.

How has being a part of this team impacted your relationship with running?

Running with Arete has taught me the power of team. We often think of running as a solo sport but we are there to push each other and inspire each other. Running with Arete has inspired me to create new scary goals for myself and believe that I can actually achieve them! It’s also helped me explore new routes and trails all over the Bay.
Meg & her running bestie Connie cheering at a recent race.

Best Arete memory so far…

It’s only been since July and I already can’t pick just one. So here are a few: At one of our first group runs, I ran with Teresa who that day ran longer and faster than she had in a while. I was so inspired by her grit and determination and pride when she finished. Running Wharf to Wharf was another favorite. While I fell (just short) of my goal of a top 100 finish, it was great to see Santa Cruz and Oakland teammates at the end. And cheering for Katie at her half marathon was so so much fun! I think cheering for team mates is just as much fun as running the race myself. And I can’t wait of the CIM and Christmas relays!

Any other tidbits you’d like to share?

I just want to thank our leaders for creating this club and helping to create community. I am so grateful for the new friendships I’ve made and goals I’ve created for myself. I hope we just keep growing and Arete is seen all along our state!
Us, too! Thanks, Meg!

Find out this Thursday, October 26 how you can join Arete Sacramento or an Arete chapter near you for the chance to share miles with many awesome women.

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