Catching up with Arete Remote Ultrarunner Paulette Ference

Individually we are strong; together we are unstoppable. Runners thrive when we are inspired in a healthy running community. We are excited that we’ve opened an Arete Remote Team this year, where women from all over the country train, communicate, meet each other in real life, and crush their goals alongside one another.

Paulette Ference is a new Arete Remote teammate with a passion for ultra and trail running. We’re glad she had a few moments to catch up with us. 


Tell us about yourself as a human and runner.

I live in San Jose, California, although I grew up in Ohio and came to California after a few years in Michigan. I currently work for Google as a Program Manager and celebrated my 11 year work anniversary at the company in December. I started running in 2008 to train for climbing Mt. Hood, and running resonated with me more than mountaineering. I ran my first half marathon, the San Francisco 1st half marathon, alongside my husband in 2009 – from there I was addicted! I’ve transitioned to trail and ultra running in the past few years, and I love being outdoors and enjoying nature while being active. In addition to running, I love to spend time trying craft beer, skiing, and cuddling my two adorable cats.

Arete remote team is new. Why did you join?

I have friends who are active in the Oakland and Santa Cruz chapters, and I’ve loved following their experiences with Arete as well as all of the social media accounts. I’m not in the immediate vicinity of those locations to attend weekly runs, but I’m definitely close enough to meet up sometimes! I wanted to be part of the fun and to connect with more ladies in the Bay Area and beyond as part of Arete.

What are you hoping to get out of being on this team?
In addition to connecting with more strong women, I’m hoping to share a few races and in person relationships with Arete teammates. I love meeting people and connecting with other runners, which is also a huge benefit of being on the team. Last, I’m looking for that extra bit of motivation and fun in my running after having a tough last few months and I feel the team environment will give me that push!

What are your 2018 running goals and how is being on a team going to help you get there?
My big goal for 2018 is to run my first 50 mile ultramarathon. I’ve been pushing myself at the 50K distance for the last couple of years and I’m looking forward to the new challenge. I don’t have the race chosen yet, but I’m looking at one for this fall. In March, I’ll be running the Marin Ultra Challenge 50K and looking for a 50K PR!


I believe being part of Arete will help me get there because the extra support, motivation, and run meet-ups can go a long way. I love seeing strong women runners hit their goals, and I’m already feeling the spark of inspiration from the team.

What’s something you want us to know about you?
I’m mostly a trail runner who does a road race here and there for fun. I love challenging myself with long distances and heavy vert. I’m known for dragging friends on trail runs and making them love it (or at least I try!)

Quick takes:
Favorite run/race memory: Finishing Canyons 50K – it was my hardest 50K by far with 9200 feet of climbing, and it gave me confidence that I can do hard things! Plus, the course included a part of the Western States trail that I’ve wanted to experience for years.
Superstition or odd running routine: New socks (of the same style I always wear) for a goal race!
Best place to run: Marin Headlands trails
Favorite race: Headlands Endurance Runs (Pacific Coast Trail Runs) – washing machine loops means you see trail runner friends over and over! I’ve done the marathon two times but might bump it up to the 50M this year.
Favorite teammate memory: Spectating and supporting friends at the North Face Endurance Challenge 50M this year, and pacing my friend and teammate Ali for 23 miles of her first 50M.
I’m all in for Arete because I want to connect and share goals with a team of awesome ladies!
I run because I love being outside on trails and to have exciting adventures.



We’re excited to watch your journey unfold this year, Paulette! Follow her journey at

If you’d like to join Arete as a Remote member or in one of our five locations, visit



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